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08 Oct 2015

Building for the future with bricks and mortar

Property investment can undoubtedly bring rewards, but it’s important to recognise the potential pitfalls too.

21 Aug 2015

The transfer window is now open

The essential idea behind the Married Couples Transferable Allowance (Marriage Allowance), introduced in the 2014 Budget, is pretty straightforward.

10 Aug 2015

Changes from the Chancellor

It is, of course, human nature. Every time the Budget ticks around, we try to work out whether we are better off as a result, or whether we feel as if we’ve been kicked to the curb once again.

26 Jun 2015

A holding company? There may be no reason to hold back

If you thought the formation of a corporate group structure was just for big multinationals, it’s time to think again.

20 May 2015

Five ways to measure business health

Keep on top of how well your business is performing by monitoring five key indicators, and it could help you to maximise profits in the future.

01 May 2015

Bridging a gap in knowledge could bring huge relief.

If you thought that R&D meant lab coats and test tubes, it’s time to think again. In fact the definition is far broader and HMRC actually wants you to ask for the tax relief!

27 Apr 2015

Back to the future

Planning your tax year in reverse sounds like a strange idea, but that’s exactly what I advise my clients to do if they want to avoid unnecessary stress.

14 Apr 2015

Expand in a disadvantaged area and you could receive a tax break

If you’re looking for new premises, it’s worth widening your range of options. By choosing to renovate a derelict building in a disadvantaged area, you could benefit from a significant tax break.

09 Apr 2015

When you're saving, look for extra savings

Whether we’re young or old, the government is keen to encourage us to save. Interest rates, however, are at a record low, so it’s important to look for every possible advantage or tax break you can find, so let’s explore the potential of the new savings allowance.

07 Apr 2015

Self Assessment: don’t leave it all to the wire

As accountants, we always like to be proactive and remind clients of the need to get their records, receipts and other relevant information ready as far as possible in advance of their filing deadlines. Inevitably though, pressures of business and life can get in the way and the records only arrive as January 31st looms.

07 Apr 2015

Get ahead of the game, as the general election looms

It’s been described as the longest general election campaign in history. Just over a month remains now before the country goes to the polls on 7th May. Although the outcome is anyone's guess, one thing is for sure: changes may well be afoot with the new government.

07 Apr 2015

Invest now and reap the reward

With the general election just around the corner, there’s an element of uncertainty over how the tax regime will change. Now may be an excellent time for businesses to make investments in fixed assets.