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Taxation Services

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We can provide taxation advice for all types of business and individuals circumstances, and aid you in the completion of the necessary documentation, as well as providing you with advice for each situation.

Our services:

  • Corporation Tax – We help you to plan a tax efficient approach to every aspect of your business, prepare corporation tax returns and file them on your behalf. This also includes transferring the accounts in iXBRL format to ensure they are compatible with HM Revenue and Customs system.
  • VAT – From setting you up as a VAT registered business, to maintaining your records and submitting your quarterly returns, we can help. We also offer on going advice and guidance throughout all your VAT queries.
  • Self-Assessment – the preparation of self-assessment returns can be seen as stressful but we can take the pressure away by compiling the information you provide and deal with registration, preparation, and filing of the annual tax returns. We will even let you know how much you need to pay and the payment deadlines.
  • Capital Gains Tax – Have you made a capital gain on a sale of an asset? We can assist you in the calculation of the gain, and the submission to HM Revenue and Customs, as well as offering you advice if you are thinking of selling assets that will result in a capital gain tax charge.
  • Inheritance Tax – The tax no one wants to think about, but it is important to ensure that you protect your family’s wealth, and that you have considered the most tax efficient way to distribute your assets, this involves ensuring you have optimised your lifetime transfers between family members, making full use of exemptions and lower tax rates, and transferring agricultural or business property.
  • Trust Tax Returns – We deal with several trusts and are able to complete trust accounts and tax returns on your behalf, and ensure that they are tax compliant.