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HMRC urges eligible couples to claim Marriage Allowance

16 Feb 2023

HMRC has reminded married couples eligible for the Marriage Allowance to make use of the tax relief.

Over 2.1 million couples currently benefit from the Allowance, HMRC said. Married couples could save up to £252 a year, it added.

Eligible couples are those who are married or in a civil partnership; do not pay income tax, or their income is below the Personal Allowance of £12,570; and their partner pays income tax at the basic rate.

Angela MacDonald, Deputy Chief Executive at HMRC, said: 'We want every eligible couple to benefit from marriage allowance tax relief. Couples whose circumstances have changed – perhaps one of them has stopped working or taken a lower paid job – may not realise they are entitled to claim.

'It's easy to find out what you may be due – search 'Marriage Allowance calculator' on GOV.UK to get started.'