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Tax rates and allowances

The current tax rates, facts and figures.

Capital allowances
Plant & machinery allowances etc.
Capital gains tax
CGT and Inheritance tax.
Child benefit
Working tax credits and child benefit.
Corporation tax
The current CT rates.
Income tax
Income tax rates, personal allowances, trusts etc.
Individual Savings Account (ISA)
ISA investment limits etc.
Inheritance tax
Thresholds, main reliefs and exemptions.
Minimum wage
Statutory minimum wage / living wage levels.
National insurance
Employer and employee rates.
The current pension premium rates.
Property and trade allowances
Allowances for individuals.
Stamp duty & land taxes
On the transfer of property in England, Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland.
Statutory pay
Current weekly amounts.
Tax reliefs for individuals
Value added tax
Turnover limits, VAT on fuel etc.
Fuel, car and van benefits.